středa 22. dubna 2015

Five rules for healthy joints and perfect function of urinary tract

The modern way of life when everything is speeding up and we have no time to take  high quality correctly prepared food. We eat plenty of semi-finished food with lot of additives, sausages and fast foods. And the drinking regime is usually also not the right one. Our body is exceeded by the synthetic flavorings, aromas and colorings, which, together with the waste products of our own metabolism, accumulate in the body. The most often they settle in the large joints, but sometimes, based on the genetic predisposition, excess salt may settle in other soft tissues, where it reduces the flexibility and is responsible for a decrease of their proper function. They could also precipitate in the form of e.g. urinary or kidney stones.
The most common first symptom is morning stiff joints. This phenomenon could affect even very young people. Gradually, the condition can worsen and create the foundations for the emergence of serious diseases that affect the joints irreversibly such as arthritis and can also lead to the development of gout
As we keep clean the surface of our body, we should take care also about its internal cleansing and not just one-time or seasonal cleansing cures, but mainly as regular daily hygiene.
Rule number one: Take care about the quality of food, you eat, do not take more synthetic additives than is necessary, leave off from your diet sausages, fast food etc., and if you do not want to omit meat, try to compromise with several days without meat and increase the proportion of vegetables and fruits.
Rule number two: Mineral water use occasionally, not as the main dailly source of the fluid.
Rule number three: Absolutely exclude chemical drinks full of colorings, synthetic smell as well as various types of chemically flavored drinks.
Rule number four: Regularly drink a high quality liquids. Pure water is the best, also  green and herbal teas are good. Eat fruit and vegetables supporting excretion of uric acid and other methabolic waste products. For instance: cucumber, grapes, grapefruit, strawberries, pears and more.
Rule number five: Take herbs which help with removing unnecessary pollutants. Among the delicious herbs include heather flower which can add to any tea and increase its value for the health of the kidneys, urinary tract and joints. Already after 14 days of regular use, the majority of respondents suffering from morning joint pain , feels visible improvement in mobility. Birch leaf is another affordable remedy, which has a positive and no-irritating effect for kidney diseases and rheumatism 
These herbs, along with others, are the foundation of an excellent herbal blend "PROPLACHOVACÍ" of EXHERBIS brand, where are in perfectlly balanced ratio combining therapeutic and diuresis-promoting effects of birch leaf and flowering heather with disinfection effects of cranberries leaves. Outstanding features of this mixture are enriched by adaptogenic herbs Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) strengthening the kidneys and anti-inflammatory effects of the Gotu kola (Centella asiatica). If you add adequate body excercise, such as various stretching exercises, especially yoga, you will be rewarded by youthful mobility of your body and minimal joint pain.

neděle 12. dubna 2015

Honey - Miracle remedy for your skin.

Honey is widely recognized as a useful remedy for flue, and colds. However, it has other less known feature, and that it is a very effective cosmetic antibiotic. Which are very active against all known forms of resistant bacteria infecting the skin and which acts as a protective layer for open wounds and also promotes healing and tissue regeneration.
We're talking about high quality honey and not about products that some manufacturers call honey only. Very useful is the meadow honey from a many number of flowers.
Honey can be applied directly on open wounds, its strong effect could be felt strong, especially if it is a larger open wound so. For the initial application can choose a variant strong honey solution, a small amount of warm, freshly boiled water mix with a teaspoon of high quality honey. The solution then soak a cosmetic wipe (minor wounds, skin defects), or sterile gauze cover and attach to the wound or gently wash the inflammated places on the skin.

Using honey acts not only on minor cuts, abrasions and inflamed skin conditions, but even on gangrene, diabetic feet, bedsore, necrotizing infection of soft tissues including wounds infected fungal infection.
Therapeutic effect of honey is already evident after the first application, drying weeping wounds and formation of new tissue.

Using always freshly prepared honey solution as lotions is very useful in acne or other inflammatory skin disorders such as e.g. impetigo or seborroic dermatitis. Apply pure honey on haze, you will be surprised by its effects.

pondělí 6. dubna 2015

Herbal bath for painful joints

Mustard is for long time known for its warming and blood circulation effect. I remember that my great-grandmother used mustard plasters on her back. There are many recipes for mustard poultices, are applied to aching joints. However, if you need a blood circulation supply on larger area, or you do not have anyone who help you to apply mustard compresses to less accessible places, you can test the simple mustard bath. It's up to you if you take it as a total, in case of back pain or just as a sitz bath which is recommended to those that would be excessive blood flow to the upper body can cause nausea, for example persons with high blood pressure or heart disease.

Grind coarsely 400 g of mustard seeds and pour 2 liters of lukewarm water (about 40 ° C). Let steep for 30 minutes, then strain and pour into a bath of body temperature. The stay in the bath should not last longer than 15 minutes.

The mustard action is really strong, so it is advisable to test compatibility of your skin. Prepare a small amount of infusion and apply by wipe on the inside of the forearm. Mild redness as a result of blood flow can be expected, but should not appear rash, itching or other allergic reactions

neděle 5. dubna 2015

How to cleanse the body to avoid gout

and improve vascular system.
The excess uric acid in blood is responsible for many health problems, settles in the joints, where it causes pain and reduces their flexibility, typical disease is gout. However, it may settle in other parts of the body and be responsible for the creation of various types of stones and the surplus does not benefit either our veins.
If your doctor detected higher level of uric acid in the blood, or just have a feeling stiff joints, it is appropriate to adjust the diet. Reduce eating of animal protein, exclude from your diet sausages and offal, containing high amounts of purins. Drink herbal teas regularly supports leaching of pollutants. Eating appropriate fruits and vegetables effect significantly support the diet and enhance the status of your joints.
For example:

Grapefruit is rich in limonene, which gives the fruit a bitter taste and a strong anti-carcinogenic effects. It helps to protect the veins prior to deposition of cholesterol and its subsequent calcination, which leads to the development of arteriosclerosis. Grapefruits have a diuretic effect and help in excess of uric acid in any form: gout, gouty arthritis, kidney stones, etc. If you want purge your body and thus stimulate the detoxification ability of the body (especially liver), you should consume grapefruit regularly.

Pomegranate´s astringent action reduces stomach acid and soothe an upset stomach, and inflammation. Flavonoids and antioxidant vitamins (C and E), richly contained in pomegranate, stop the aging process arteries, and is therefore recommended for the reduced blood circulation. Pomegranates are effective in gout, increased uric acid and obesity. It eliminates the waste of metabolism and reduces acidity in the digestive tract.

Strawberries neutralize the effects of free radicals and are effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis (cholesterol deposits in the artery walls, progressive hardening and narrowing). Condition arteries and improve low-fat and sodium, and potassium and mineral wealth, thus a combination which reduces the risk of developing hypertension. Strawberries has a diuretic effect, due to its alkalinization function promote excretion of uric acid. Therefore, it is recommended for gout and gouty arthritis. Simultaneously improves blood flow in the arteries.

We'll bring you the Recipe for a simple smoothie, which impresses with its balanced taste delicious strawberry with a bitter tone grapefruit.
You need:
one pomegranate
7 pieces strawberries riped
one whole grapefruit rid of a thick outer crust, diced including membranes and seeds.
Blend all ingredients and serve chilled and flavored with a sprig of fresh mint.

pondělí 30. března 2015

Rosehip oil - a balm for mature skin

Wild rose bush are an inseparable part of our (Central Europe) homeland and most of us have this shrub associated mainly with his false fruits ie. Rosehips which are rich of vitamin C and they are used usually for anti cold tea.

But from its seeds is also pressed high quality oil, which belongs to the exceptional skin care products.

It moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin at any age, for their effectiveness against wrinkles is very suitable for mature skin as a substitute for face creams.

If you use this oil regularly, it helps to heal scars, including keloid scars
, which makes softer. High-quality, cold-pressed oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and is rich in organically bound minerals. For its gentle action fits well skin care of pregnant ladies and babies. Its nutritional and moisturizing effects retains even in dilution with other vegetable oils and up to a 10% concentration. When used on the body, therefore mix with other suitable oil such as almond or grape seed. As always choose such carrier oil, based on its density and consistency the most suitable for your skin type.

Use  a few drops of pure rosehip oil evenings on cleansed face instead of night cream and within few days you will see, you face looking much more hydrating, fresh and young.